Warehousing and Distribution

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We offer strategically located storage facilities in key trade gateways across the globe, with a range of warehousing options to suit our customers' core services.

Warehousing is a key component of any supply chain - choosing the right location and facility type for your business has the potential to streamline operations and improve speed to market. Whether you require short, medium or long term warehousing, our multi-user facilities provide scalable cost-effective solutions that share the cost of resources and equipment.

If you have low volumes, uncertain demand or seasonal operational fluctuations, choosing shared warehousing allows you to enjoy the benefits of a larger operation at significantly less cost.

Our multi-user facilities provide our customers with the opportunity to only pay for the space they need, with access to additional space and resources when and if their business requirements change. Our warehousing capabilities are complemented by our storage solutions, designed and developed to meet our customers' supply chain specifications.

We offer storage solutions for a diverse range of freight types and overall supply chain requirements. Our storage solutions can help our customers reduce storage space, cargo handling costs and improve inventory accuracy by optimizing storage options and streamlining activities.